Slimming Programs

Packages from 2 to 6 nights.

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Supplément Solo ou Surclassement offert à certaines dates

Slimming Discover Phytomer
Package bien-être et gourmandises

2 nights from 346€ per person
Classic Halboard with 3 treatments

Formules légères
Choose your goal : slimming or cellulite attack
3 nights from 619€ per person, 3
days / 11 treatments
5 nights from 894€ per person,
5 days / 20 treatments
6 nuits à partir de 984€ par personne,
6 days / 23 treatments
Halfboard with diet menu ( method Slim data)

Our plus: Excellence of Phytomer products

For 5 or 6 nights packages :

* 1diet coaching with our spa manager

* To extend the benefits 3 monts of Internbet Coaching

The SLIM-data Diet was created by Doctor Yann Rougier. It relies on three different indexes: the caloric index that indicates the energy provided by a given food, the enzymatic index that indicates how a food is digested, and the insulin index that indicates how the body stores the given food.

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